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Wedding Package

Detail for wedding packag @Ruenthai Sukhumvit 50, Usually price  120,000 B. but for the promotion now is  99,999 for 50 guests

What the host needs to prepare are:
  • Money in the envelop (300 Bahts for each monks) and gifts for total 9 monks.
  • Money gift 300 Bahts for churchwarden
  • Money gift 1,000 Bahts for MC
  • (If) a presentation (mp4) or songs that would like to be opened during the reception, put in a flash drive and final check with us or any rehearsal before the wedding date:
  • Translator or interpretor in English special price 3,000 Baht ( in case require )
Ruenthai prepares for the services of:
1. Decorating the venue
2. Provides snack (the bakery or boiled rice), hot drinks: coffee and tea, soft drinks and water and food for reception event (Chinese or Thai food) for 50 guests (in the package). If the total number of the guests who attend for the reception are more than 50, additional cost will be charged at the price of 500 baht per one additional person.
3. Buddhist ceremony including:  
  • Flowers and candles
  • Food offerings for 9 monks  
  • Master of Ceremony
4. Traditional ceremony including its materials such as:
  • Traditional candies and fruits.
  • Khan Mak (traditional engaging materials)

5. Run the engagement, marriage and reception events.

Terms of Payment:
There are four installments
  • First deposit 30,000 bahts when booking the package.
  • The second installment to pay 30,000 baht (one month before the event).
  • The third installment. Pay the rest 50% of the remaining about three days before the event.
  • The fourth installment. Pay all the rest when the ceremony is complete (Cash only)